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The Republican Party must emulate the practical successes of Republican state governors if it wants to regain power at the next election, the party's former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney said on Friday.
Mitt Romney & his wife Anne went to see ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ this weekend. [Gawker] George Clooney looks happy to see the paps. Why? [Pop Sugar] Jessica Biel complains about the lack of privacy. LOL. [LaineyGossip] I would love to know how Taylor Swift advises Selena Gomez. [Dlisted] Anderson Cooper, live in Gaza, responds [...]
Whether it's with glee or horror, political observers can now watch Mitt Romney's fall from social-media grace in real-time.The former Republican presidential candidate has been bleeding likes since losing the U.S. election last Tuesday, with users unliking Romney's Facebook page at a rate of 847 an hour. Website details this loss in two graphs: "Recent Like Count For Mitt
In The Thick of It he played Malcolm Tucker's sidekick. So what did Chris Addison make of the the cut and thrust of US politics?
After a failed presidential bid and three decades of remarkably seamless career hopping, Mitt Romney is now a restless chief executive with no organization to run.
Mitt Romney's senior campaign adviser in Florida last night all but conceded that the Republican challenger had lost the state.
2012 president electoral college vote If Romney loses Ohio, Obama wins big One state could seal the deal for Obama
Mitt Romney today delivered the weekly Republican address on the question facing voters this Tuesday: whether they want real change or more of the same.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Having defeated Republican Mitt Romney at home, Barack Obama has no shortage of adversaries to grapple with abroad, including the governments of Iran, Syria and possibly China. The Democratic president's re-election ensures continuity in U.S. foreign policy but leaves open questions such as whether diplomacy can constrain Iran's nuclear program or whether Israel o
This election is a choice. And the simple fact is, we can't afford four more years of President Obama's failed policies. On Tuesday, November 6th, vote for Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney, Barack Obama to trade jabs at Al Smith dinner The two presidential candidates took a break from the caustic criticism of the campaign trail to score political points with biting humor last night in New York City. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney peeled off the stump Thursday to attend the annual Al Smith Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. During presidential election years, t
Round 2 of Mitt Romney debates himself. Watch the original here:
HILLIARD, Ohio (Reuters) - President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney made late pitches in the political battlegrounds of the upper Midwest on Friday, a region likely to decide the winner in next week's closely fought election for the White House.
President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney make some of their final campaign stops throughout the US four days ahead of the election.
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney ended the campaign truce brought on by Hurricane Sandy to hit the road and deliver his closing messages in the final race for the White House.

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