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The Obama administration is having a hard time finding any more sand to place its head in when it comes to evolving events in Syria.
"Never take America for granted!" Words my American parents drilled into me during my formative years growing up in the Middle East. Is it possible to become more patriotic when the United States is far over the horizon?
Who are the Libyans placing their lives on the line to take Tripoli and establish a post-Gaddafi regime? Given the chaos inside Libya, the revolution has not had much time to ponder the question.
There are not enough pejoratives to describe the many sadistic sides of Muhammar Qaddafi (however you may choose to spell his name). He is a...
I commend to Americans the saga of Wael Ghonim bravery -- the young Egyptian Google executive whose kidnapping by Egypt's dreaded secret police and subsequent...

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