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The regional Parliament said Crimea was an independent state no longer subject to Ukrainian laws, while the Parliament in Kiev approved the call-up of thousands of reservists to the military.    
Protesters attacked the police with sticks and threw firecrackers at them, while the officers responded with tear gas during a rally in Kiev, Ukraine, on Sunday.    
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The inquiry, still in an early stage, continues a trend by Italian prosecutors of paying more attention to the tax filings of big international companies.    
Citing his role in forestalling an attack on Syria, a Russian advocacy group says their president deserves it as much as a certain other president.    
Opening a three-day trip overseas, President Obama declared Wednesday that the confrontation with Syria over chemical weapons was not a personal test for him but for Congress, the United States and the world.    
Man named by local media is said to have written previously of driving locomotive so fast he was on the brink of getting fined
The building of a mosque is an old dream for Turkey’s Islamists, and played a role in the last military intervention in Turkish politics in 1997.    
President Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir V. Putin, disagreed about how to respond to rising bloodshed in Syria and called only for negotiations between the government and rebels that are given little chance of success.    
Violent clashes ensued between protesters and the police in Gezi Park just hours after the Turkish prime minister said it would be cleared.    
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says government has reached end of its patience with 'troublemakers' camped out in Istanbul

Describing the protesters as troublemakers, Erdoğan said the government had reached the "end of its patience" over the continuing demonstrations against his leadership, in which five people have been killed since 31 May. Erdoğan had earlier issued a 24-hour deadline to clear Taksim
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered to hold a referendum to decide the fate of the park in central Istanbul that has become the locus of protests against his government.    
American lawmakers called for greater cooperation with Russia on intelligence and counterterrorism issues.    
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